From your one-time donation or through monthly giving, from memorial gifts or through your estate planning, your financial support is gratefully appreciated. Your funds will help to create legacies that last far into the future by helping to facilitate conservation covenants and other initiatives that will protect wild and special places in perpetuity.

There are a number of ways you can donate to us.  We offer two secure online methods to do this: Interac e-transfer or Canada Helps.  We also have a mailing address if you’d like to donate by cheque, and an option to give a donation as a gift to someone else.  Details below.

All donations by default go into our general fund, to support the most pressing demands. If you would like to direct your donation to a particular project please let us know, e.g., Moralea’s Meadow, the Metchosin Flying Insect Biomass Study, Student Scholarships & Awards, and Indigenous Community Connections. How? After you’ve donated using one of the means outlined below, follow up by sending an email to indicating the amount you donated and the date, and the project you’d like your donation to support. Thank you!

Interac e-Transfer

Most Canadian banks’ online banking sites offer their customers Interac e-transfer (sometimes a small fee is charged).

For donations, send your Interac e-transfer to If you wish to have a tax-deduction receipt, please provide your email address in the optional message box of the transfer.  (Some bank e-transfer systems ask you to supply a question that the recipient can answer–if this is the case, you can ask the question “What is the code phrase?” and give the answer as “mydonation.”)

For purchases (non-tax-deductible), send your Interac e-transfer to, and in the message field please indicate what you are purchasing, e.g. “For purchase of one copy of Gretchen Markle’s journal”. As with donations, if required to include a question/answer put “What is the code phrase?” for the question, and in the answer field put “purchase”.

Canada Helps

To make a single or monthly repeating tax-deductible donation via Canada Helps (which accepts credit card or PayPal forms of payment), click on the button below.  If you are supporting us with the purchase of nature cards, a nature journal, or other item we offer, please include details of which items and quantities you are purchasing in the Message for the Metchosin Foundation box provided.  Please note that purchases are not tax-deductible.


To make a donation by cheque, please make out to The Metchosin Foundation and mail it to the address below.  If you are supporting us with the purchase of nature cards, a nature journal, or other item we offer, please include a note with details of which items and quantities you are purchasing, as well as email or telephone number you can be contacted at to arrange for local pickup.

The Metchosin Foundation
4430 Happy Valley Road,
Victoria BC,
V9C 3Z3

Giving a Donation as a Gift

Would you like to give a Metchosin Foundation donation as a gift to someone?  We will be glad to provide a beautiful, hand-crafted card of a local Metchosin scene or plant to send to the recipient (or we will send it on your behalf, if you prefer).  To do so, please click on the button below to download, fill out, and submit the gift donation form below.  Payment can be via any of the above online methods, along with sending the donation form attached to an email to  If you prefer to use Canada Helps or Interac e-transfer, you can instead send us a message as described above to provide your information from the Gift Donation Form.

Donations are tax deductible. Charitable donation receipts are issued by the Metchosin Foundation for all donations received by Interac or cheque for values over $20. If you pay via Canada Helps, you will receive a donation receipt for any amount.  Charitable status number:  81576 1556 RR0001.