The Metchosin Biodiversity Project and its supporter, the Metchosin Foundation, have developed tools to help both young and old Metchosin residents monitor and appreciate the natural environments of Metchosin. These resources include boxed sets of nature cards. There have been four sets of nature cards produced so far, featuring local species painted by local artists and field guide descriptions from local authors: Southwestern BC Basic Plant Set (2020), Southwestern BC Art Bird Cards Set 1 (2020) and Set 2 (2021), and the BC Art Nature Cards Mushroom Edition (2022).
Nature Cards box cover

Plant Cards

The boxed set of plant cards contains 50  4” X 6”  2-sided cards printed on heavy-stock, waterproof, tearproof paper. The cards describe common plants—and one lichen—from Southern Vancouver Island. The team that created the cards analyzed data from the Metchosin BioBlitzes in order to determine which plants young people were most likely to encounter in the field. You can order a set of cards or download the PDF masters if you wish to develop your own application.
Nature Cards - bird cards

Bird Cards

The Metchosin Artpod, the Rocky Point Bird Observatory, and the Metchosin Foundation worked together to create the bird cards. These 36 4 X 6 2-sided cards, available on either heavy gloss card stock or on waterproof, tearproof paper, feature artwork by Metchosin artists on one side a description of the pictured bird on the other side.
Nature Cards - mushroom cards

Mushroom Cards

The Metchosin Foundation and the Metchosin ArtPod have collaborated again to produce the latest in our series of nature-inspired art cards, this one featuring common local mushrooms! The 2022 Mushroom Art Card set features the artwork of local artists and field guide descriptions by our local authors of the new book Mushrooms of British Columbia — Kem Luther and Andy MacKinnon!
Nature Cards - Metchosin Biodiversity Project website

Further information on the Nature Cards and how to order yours can be found on the Metchosin Biodiversity Project website.