Scholarships for Graduating Grade 12 Students

Three $1,000 scholarships are being made available by the Metchosin Foundation to graduating Canadian Grade 12 students who live in Metchosin / Beecher Bay. These are in the areas of:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Community Citizenship
  • Environmental Stewardship

A fourth scholarship of $1,000 is being made available to a Sc’ianew / Beecher Bay student who demonstrates academic excellence or shows leadership in the community and in addressing environmental issues.

These funds are being made available thanks to generous Metchosin donors who have chosen to remain anonymous. Application forms are available at the school offices of Belmont, Royal Bay and Edward Milne High Schools or on their websites. You may view/print the forms below.

Applicants may receive only one Metchosin Foundation scholarship. Receiving non-Metchosin Foundation scholarships and financial awards does not disqualify the student from receiving a Metchosin Foundation scholarship.

The deadline for the submission of all applications is Friday, June 14, 2024. The successful applicant will be notified by August 1, 2024 and the award will be presented before August 15, 2023.

Use the buttons below to view or download the application forms.  Please return completed applications via email to

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship Form (fillable Word doc)

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship Form (printable PDF)

Community Citizenship Scholarship Form (fillable Word doc)

Community Citizenship Scholarship Form (printable PDF)

Academic Achievement Scholarship Form (fillable Word doc)

Academic Achievement Scholarship Form (printable PDF)

Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship Form (fillable Word doc)

Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship Form (printable PDF)

Metchosin Foundation Scholarship winners to date


Colin Sparks – Environmental Stewardship
Olivia Sjerven – Community Citizenship
Nicholas Krusekopf – Academic Achievement

* there were no applicants for the Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship for 2023


Rebecca Parson – Community Citizenship
Brianna Blackmore – Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship
Jim Wheen – Academic Achievement

* there were no applicants for the Environmental Stewardship scholarship for 2022


Rowan Kew – Environmental Stewardship
Emma Sjerven – Community Citizenship
Jeannie Chipps – Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship
Louisa Krusekopf – Academic Achievement


Eve Ruth – Environmental Stewardship
Bryanne Thomson – Community Citizenship
Ruby Dee Charles – Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship
Katerina Kurz – Academic Achievement


Joseph Barss – Community Citizenship
Danny Charles – Moralea Milne Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship
Grace McLauchlin – Academic Achievement


Danica Neral – Environmental Stewardship
Brent Pothovin – Community Citizenship
Maya Quealey – Academic Achievement


Savannah Askew – Community Citizenship
Stacey Charles – Beecher Bay (Sc’ianew) Community Scholarship
Cyrus Dinh – Academic Achievement
Abbey Christ-Rowling –  Environmental Stewardship

Abbey Christ-Rowling used her scholarship to attend a United World College in Africa. Here is an article on her from the Pearson College (another United World College) website.