Resources and Tools for Metchosin’s Biodiversity

Nature Cards and Maps of Metchosin:
The Metchosin Biodiversity Project and its sponsor, the Metchosin Foundation, have developed tools to help both young and old Metchosin residents monitor and appreciate the natural environments of Metchosin. This page describes and provides access to a set of 50 Nature Cards and maps of both Hans Helgeson and West-Mont Montessori School locations and trails.

The completed Nature Card package contains a set of 50  4” X 6”  2-sided cards printed on heavy-stock, waterproof, tearproof paper. The cards describe common plants—and one lichen—from Southern Vancouver Island.  The team analyzed data from the Metchosin BioBlitzes in order to determine which plants young people were most like to encounter in the field. As a result, 22% of the card set (11 of them) are introduced, mostly invasive plants. The bulk of the cards, however, represent common native species. You can order a set of cards or download the PDF masters if you wish to develop your own application.

As well, the Metchosin Foundation and District of Metchosin have collaborated to provide Metchosin’s two schools, Hans Helgesen Public School and Westmont Montessori, with maps of their school grounds, surrounding areas, and nearest regional parks. Both schools explore the parks closest to them (Witty’s and Devonian) for nature education. Teachers at the schools expressed an interest in having detailed maps that show their school grounds and the relationship of these grounds to the parks. The maps can be downloaded for free.

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