Metchosin Foundation Support for Indigenous-led Conservation Initiative at Mary Hill

Signing the 4-Party Standstill Agreement for a Proposed Indigenous Protected Area at Mary Hill (photo by Amy Lobb Photography)

On Feb 24 an important interim milestone (a “Standstill Agreement”) was reached regarding a proposed Indigenous Protected Area at Mary Hill.

At a Feb 24 Official Announcement and signing ceremony hosted by Sc’ianew First Nation and Te’mexw Treaty Association, Metchosin Foundation president Valerie Jaeger was invited to address the audience, and directors Chris Pratt and Morgan Yates were recognized for their respective roles in the sustained project support that the Foundation has provided to this initiative.

Click here to read more about the Standstill Agreement and the proposed Indigenous Protected Area.

Opening Announcement with Sc’ianew Youth Drummers & Friends (photo by Amy Lobb Photography)

Feb 24 2022 – Remarks from Valerie Jaeger, Metchosin Foundation President

The Metchosin Foundation wishes to congratulate our neighbours in Sc’ianew First Nation, on achieving today’s important milestone.  We also wish to congratulate the 3 agencies who are supporting Sc’ianew in the Standstill Agreement which has been announced today, and to express our profound appreciation to the project funders.

Over the past 3 years, it has been a great privilege for the Metchosin Foundation to help nurture the Indigenous Protected Area concept at Mary Hill. We are honoured to support a project that demonstrates real reconciliation and could enhance not only conservation, but also community well-being.  As project supporters, we have been pleased to assist with project coordination, capacity fund-raising, project accounting and other dimensions of this innovative initiative.

For the past several months, Metchosin Foundation board members have witnessed Sc’ianew First Nation and supporting parties innovate approaches to conservation and reconciliation with this Standstill Agreement.  This Agreement will allow the Parties to evaluate the different options for an Indigenous Protected Area at Mary Hill, assess their direct and indirect benefits and costs, and identify ways to achieve their common goals.

From the beginning and above all, we have been inspired by the friendships that we have seen develop and grow, among different people from different communities and different agencies, working together in a collaborative way.  We have found ourselves walking together with friends – and we look forward to the continuation of a shared journey.

Metchosin Foundation President Addresses the audience at the Feb 24 Official Announcement (photo by Amy Lobb Photography)

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