Metchosin Foundation at Two Summer Events

Metchosin Foundation had tents at two recent events.  One was the MACCA (Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre Association) event on July 15.  Described as “Arts Festival & Open House + Cash & Carry Sale,” it was a fun afternoon with lots of music, food, and art.

The other event was a joint CRD/Metchosin Biodiversity Project that combined Metchosin Biodiversity Day with Marine Day on July 14. About 250 people came by the Witty’s Beach displays set up by the Metchosin Foundation, the CRD, the Habitat Acquisition Trust,and  Juan de Fuca Rec Centre. Andy MacKinnon, Joel Ussery, and Paige Erickson-McGee led walks to show people the local flora and fauna.

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