Metchosin Foundation 2018 AGM

Spring is emerging all over Metchosin among the 2400+ living species (thank-you BioBlitz team) with whom we share this remarkable region.  And like our long-awaited spring, the work of the Metchosin Foundation is picking up speed.


Please mark June 3 in your calendar, and join us for our Annual General Meeting at 7:00 pm at the Community House. Dr. Werner Kurz will be the featured speaker to address today’s challenges of Thinking Globally; Acting Locally.  He is a Metchosin resident and internationally renowned scientist who has greatly expanded our understanding of forests, carbon cycling, and climate change. Currently he is focusing on understanding the effects of projected climate change and what we can do to both reduce impacts and adapt.

Please bring your energies, ideas and questions to the meeting.  We will review the activities of the past year, plans for the future, and elect our board and three new directors.

With the weather improving, it’s time to enjoy our trails, rivers and beaches. The decks of Nature Cards developed by the MF for youth in the early grades are proving popular, as teachers and parents add adventure and a little competition to hikes by challenging their youth to search for emerging species. These picture-based, waterproof environmental awareness cards were developed specifically for Metchosin but are proving popular across southern Vancouver Island.  Contact us if you would like some.

While you are hiking, keep in mind the photographic competition Metchosin Naturally, Seasons Through the Lens being co-sponsored by MACCA and the Metchosin Foundation.  Categories are landscapes and seascapes; plants, lichens and mushrooms; birds and insects; and wild animals with the common theme of biodiversity. The contest and exhibition will take place from October 28 to November 10.  For further details go to:


If you have a student in your home graduating from high school this year, please make sure they are aware of our four $750 scholarships being made available.  Categories include Environmental Stewardship, Academic Achievement, Community Citizenship and a Beecher Bay scholarship that encompasses all of these areas.  Applications are available on-line and through Belmont, Royal Bay and Edward Milne secondary schools as well as through the Beecher Bay First Nation office.

University of Victoria Biology Professor Dr. Neville Winchester is a board member of the International Canopy Network.  That group of scientists has expressed concern about the startling drop of insect biomass across many parts of the world. The Foundation will be supporting his work in Metchosin. A UVic honours student will be starting in May/June to set out and monitor insect traps, to contribute data to a much larger overview.

For further information, please contact us through e-mail:   Your donations are tax-deductible.

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