Metchosin (Art) Bird Blitz 2020 Winners Announced

Winners of the Metchosin (Art) Bird Blitz 2020 were announced on Oct 2nd. The event showcased the Southwestern BC Art Bird Cards released back in June, challenging Metchosinites to find all 36 of the scaled-up copies of the cards that had been secretly placed outside various businesses around Metchosin. Many took up the challenge, and a healthy competition emerged. Congratulations go out to Team Braunberger and Team Wilson-Berbaarschot for finding all 36 Cards by contest end. And honourable mentions go to Amy and Eva for finding all 36 cards exclusively on bikes (no small feat in Metchosin, where every trip is an uphill one) and Andy and Margaret, and Clare Lowery, for rounding out the diversity of participant age groups. Much outdoor fun was had, and attention was brought to local businesses who are still providing their goods and services to their community, reinforcing the importance of maintaining contact and support for each other during these strange times.  Special thanks to them for making this event a success.

Decks of waterproof bird cards — a wonderful blend of art and nature guide — are still for sale for $25 through Metchosin ArtPod (open Fri-Sun, 11-4pm) in the Old Metchosin Schoolhouse, or through clicking on the Donate button on this site (please include a note specifying what the money is for).

UPDATE: due to high popularity, we are currently sold out of the Bird Cards!  Another printing run is in the works, so please check this website for news of when they come available.

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