2019 Metchosin Foundation AGM

On June 1, 2019, the Metchosin Foundation hosted its Annual General Meeting at the Metchosin Community House. The meeting began with a retrospective of the last year's work, reported by Chair Chris Pratt and the other Directors. After the report, local eco-futurist Guy Dauncey challenged the audience to continue and intensify local efforts to counter anthropogenic global warming. The talk was followed by a break for refreshments baked by the Directors, then a short business meeting to hear the 2019 financial report and to pass an omnibus bill. Current Directors were all re-elected (Chris Pratt, Michael Fischer, Jacqueline Clare, Beverley Hall, Joel Ussery, Nicole Lalonde, Morgan Yates, Kem Luther). New Directors Carol Carman (returning after a one-year absence) and Joan Rosenberg were also elected to the board.

Guy Dauncey inspires the audience to create hope through action.

Guy handed out a two page summary of what Metchosinites can do to address climate issues.

Guy played for the audience a section of Greta Thunberg’s speech given a few days earlier at the Austrian World Summit.

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