Moralea Celebration

Many hundreds of Metchosinites turned up at the field behind the District Office on Sunday, August 5, to celebrate the life of Moralea Milne.  CHEK TV was there to record the event for their evening news.  Moralea's family was in attendance and visitors lined up to write their remembrances in a book and leave cards.

Homage to Moralea Milne

By Chris Pratt, President of Metchosin Foundation Many years ago when Moralea and her husband John chose to make their home in Metchosin, attracted by the quiet lifestyle of the people and the rich endowment of forests, fields, and streams bordered by the sea, they saw that measures were needed to preserve that balance while living on the verges of a growing city. They literally spent the rest ...

Remembering Moralea

The Board of Directors of the Metchosin Foundation mourns the tragic loss of one of its founding members, Moralea Milne. She died suddenly in a car crash on July 28th in Surrey. The guiding principles of the Metchosin Foundation, “Healthy Lands, Healthy Waters, and a Healthy Caring Community” were present in all that Moralea contributed to the work of the Foundation.  Her dedication to a su ...

Metchosin Naturally! Photo Contest

With the great summer weather, you might want to get outside and snap some pictures for the upcoming Metchosin Naturally! photography exhibition and contest coming up in October, 2018, sponsored by the MACCA (the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre Association) and the Metchosin Foundation.  The contest is described on the Metchosin Biodiversity website and on the MACCA website.