Metchosin Challenge schedule


Communication received from Sharleen Thompson about the upcoming Lenten series at St. Mary’s.

St Mary’s Church is again having a Metchosin Challenge. Thus a series of interactive talks on issues facing the world. This is the third year we have done them. This year the theme is empowering people into action. The list of speakers for this year is

March 7th Kara Middleton and Robert Gifford on Climate Change Paralysis, and how do we get through it.

March 14th Sabine Lehr from the Inter-cultural Association- On getting refugees established and empowered.

March 21st A three person panel on “How to raise empowered children for the changing future”.

March 28th Edie Charlie and Kirsten Spray founders of Orange Shirt day. Reconciliation as empowerment.

April 4th Daniel Allen, empowerment of living one’s authentic self. A story of a transgender father, advocate and volunteer.

April 11th Elizabeth May.  Green Party of Canada. A challenge to become empowered into action to protect the future. 

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